Beginner's Workshop

It is a pleasure  to be helping start your photographic journey!
I like to say I will teach you the "how" of photography so that you can use your creativity for the "why". 
Some of what I will teach includes:
The basic principles of DEPTH OF FIELD (Aperture), MOVEMENT (Shutter) and LIGHT SENSITIVITY (ISO) which come into play with every single photo you will take in any field.
We also discuss metering, focus and  your camera's drive modes. Additionally we go over all of your gear and your camera to help you find comfort and understanding in the functions of your equipment. 
These are the best principle's to know to step to the next level and become "advanced". 

Payment terms are: 20% non-refundable deposit on booking. Payment in full required by the start of the workshop. 
Credit Card payments will be processed through PayPal. Venmo, ApplePay and Cash are also accepted. Digital receipts will be provided.